SSB Study Materials

Lecturette Topics


1. Kaveri water dispute
2. Medical tourism in India
3. Swachbharat Abhiyaan
4. Role of media in our society
5. Clean India
6. Make in India
7. Disaster Management
8. NITI Ayog
9. Agni 4 
10. Terrorism and Insurgency
11. Is the internet a world of hidden opportunity          or a den of damages
12.Capital punishment
13. Women in defense 
14. Is India benefitting from its policy of                       liberalization 
15. Elimination of Corruption from India
16. Reserve jobs in the Private sector
17. Crime against women
18. Naxalism
19. Shaping Personality
20. Sex Education
21. Impact of Indian Films in our society
22. Population: Strength or burden?
23. Public Sector
24. Leaders are born
25. IS communalism and Caste system a Threat?
26. Missles of India
27. Missiles of Pakistan
28. Creation of smaller states
29. Conservation of environment an enemy
30. Reservation in jobs
31. Right to Information (RTI)
32. India-USA relationship
33. Right to Recall
34. Religion and Politics
35. Indian Space Program
36. Is after IT, Medical Tourism a boom?
37. Islamic States
39. South China Sea 

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Lecturette is conducted on the 3rd or 4th day of the SSB in GTO. Candidates have to follow the below-mentioned points to perform well in lecturette:-

1. Listen to GTO's briefing carefully.

2. No negative body language

3. Discard below average topic, unless you can make that topic very interesting.

4. Out of the remaining three topics, chose the one on which you can speak for three minutes.

5. Prepare the topic in a logical and organized manner.

6. Most of the topics will have a background. Start with the background.

7. Stand in wishram position and display a pleasant bearing

8. Avoid hand movements.

9. The introduction of the topics should be proper and crisp.

10. Avoid criticizing Govt. policies/ decisions. 

11.  After the first bell, start concluding. Speak about 12 to 13 sentences, say thanks and take your seat. 

12. Most importantly, when others speak you should listen carefully.