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Model Test Paper

1. Number Series​

2. Number System

3. Decimal Fraction​

4. Compound Interest


6. Profit & Loss​

7. Logarithms

8. Time, Speed & Distance

9.Time & Work

10. Basic operations and factorization

11. Quadratic Equations

12. Mensuration

13. Simple Interest

14. Ratio and Proportion

15. Square Roots and Cube Roots

16. Circle

17. HCF and LCM of polynomials

18. LCM & HCF

19. Area and perimeter of plane figure

20. Linear Equations

21. Sets

22. Locus

23. Rational Expression

24. Trigonometry

25. Height & Distance

26. Lines & Angles

27. Triangles

28. Volume of Surfaces

29. Statistics


Welcome to this page here we have attached topicwise mathematics study material and pdf for SSC exams, these notes will help you to prepare for the SSC exams. Click on the link to download the study material. 

We have also added mock test papers topic wise for preparation. And will continue to add more notes and mocktest papers.